Mean Jeans - On Mars LP - Vinyl - Taken By Surprise

Taken By Surprise - Vinyl

Mean Jeans - On Mars LP

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This is a fantastic, exhilarating summertime pop album, so down a couple of jaegy bs and get ready to moonwalk into the unknown with the Mean Jeans! - Dirtnap Records. Vinyl from Taken by Surprise in Europe, includes a download code.


1. Ready 2 Rip
2. Life On Mars
3. Hangin’ Tuff
4. Crummy Crummy
5. Come Toobin’
6. Total Yo-Yo
7. School Lunch Victim
8. Anybody Out There?
9. Nite of the Creeps
10. I’m A Pile
11. Don’t Stop Partying
12. Forever In Mean Jeans
13. 2 Twisted 2 Luv U