MDC - Metal Devil Cokes LP - Vinyl - Beer City

Beer City - Vinyl

MDC - Metal Devil Cokes LP

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1989 album from American hardcore legends MDC, aka Millions Of Dead Cops, or in this instance 'Metal Devil Cokes'. Vinyl reissue from Beer City Records. 


1. Huddled Masses
2. Dirty Harry For President
3. White Men In Suits
4. Three Blind Mice
5. Tofu Spaghetti
6. Snuffed Out
7. Deep In The Heart (Of Racist Amerikkka)
8. Acid Reindeer
9. I Was A Dupe For The RCP
10. Metal Devil Cokes
11. Hole In My Soul
12. Knucklehead
13. Ain't It Funny (How It All Works Out)
14. Mongoloid
15. Love Potion Nº9
16. Something For Everyone