MDC - Elvis In The Rheinland: Live In Berlin LP - Vinyl - Beer City

Beer City - Vinyl

MDC - Elvis In The Rheinland: Live In Berlin LP

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Late 80s live album from American hardcore legends MDC, recorded live on tour in Germany. Vinyl reissue from Beer City Records. 


1. Dead Cops Rock
2. Greedy And Pathetic
3. The Big Picture
4. I Remember
5. Church And State
6. Kill The Light
7. Chicken Squawk
8. Multi Death Corporation
9. Selfish Shit
10. Corporate Death Burgers
11. My Family Is A Little Weird
12. No More Cops
13. Chock Full Of Shit
14. Henry Kissmyassinger
15. Mao Tse Tung
16. Pay To Come Along
17. Dick For Brains
18. Violent Rednecks
19. Fogtown
20. Kleptomaniac
21. American Achievements
22. John Wayne Was A Nazi
23. Dead Cops Rock
24. Born To Die
25. Secret To A Long Life