M.O.T.O. - Pack Your Troubles In Dreams LP - Vinyl - Svart

Svart - Vinyl

M.O.T.O. - Pack Your Troubles In Dreams LP

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2013 album from long-running garage rock band M.O.T.O. Vinyl from Svart Records. 


1. Wrap Your Troubles In Dreams
2. Two Blocks From Hell
3. Caveman Look In Your Eye
4. She Looks Like Someone Who´d Fuck Somebody You Hate
5. In The Corner Of My Eye
6. God Bless The World For Drunken Girls
7. Hand It Over
8. Shake Your Tits For My Rock´n Roll
9. We Never Talked About It
10. Put The Wall Back Up
11. I Think Of You And I Die
12. Radio Wall Of Phlegm
13. Looking Out For Tomorrow
14. I´m Why God Made Rock
15. It´ll Be Me
16. All Rot
17. The Borrower
18. Winging My Way Through Life