M.O.T.O. - No Sleep 'Til Turku LP - Svart

Svart - Vinyl

M.O.T.O. - No Sleep 'Til Turku LP

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2012 album from long-running garage rock band M.O.T.O. Vinyl from Svart Records. 


1. I've Never Had A Glass Lie To Me
2. Double Pneumonia
3. Tell Me All About The World
4. Guitars Are Like Clothes
5. But When The Night Comes
6. I Wanna Know Everything You Know
7. Don't Be In No Rush ('Cuz There's No Hurry)
8. I Don't Have A Life
9. 4KV
10. What'll Happen When The Noise Goes Off?
11. Who's With Me?
12. Upramp Of Your Love
13. I Know You Gotta Do The Things You Gotta Do But Why You Gotta Do 'Em To Me?
14. Living On A Battleship
15. Hard On Rock'N'Roll
16. Looking Hard For Something Soft
17. Waw
18. Big Emotional Life