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Heart Swells - Vinyl

Los Campesinos! - All Hell LP

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New album for 2024 from long-running UK indie pop band Los Campesinos! Vinyl out on Heart Swells Records. 

Expected 19th July


1. The Coin-Op Guillotine 
2. Holy Smoke (2005)  
3. A Psychic Wound 
4. I. Spit; or, a Bite Mark In The Shape Of The Sunflower State 
5. Long Throes 
6. Feast Of Tongues  
7. The Order Of The Seasons  
8. II. Music For Aerial Toll House 
9. To Hell In a Handjob  
10. Clown Blood/Orpheus’ Bobbing Head 
11. kms 
12. III. Surfing a Contrail     
13. Moonstruck  
14. 0898 HEARTACHE 
15. Adult Acne Stigmata