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Long Neck - Vinyl

Long Neck - World's Strongest Dog LP

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2020 album, 'World's Strongest Dog' from Lily Mastrodimos' Long Neck. Salmon Pink vinyl self-released by the band after dropping Their previous label (Tiny Engines) due to the treatment of artists on their roster. Long Neck raised the funds to buy back their release materials from Tiny Engines, which they did through an IndieGoGo campaign that offered a pre-order of the new album as a reward. The fundraiser met its goal in less than four hours, and World's Strongest Dog was self-released on April 10, 2020.


1. Campfire
2. Cicada
3. Untitled
4. Birds
5. They Shoot Horses
6. Backseat
7. Slowly, Slowly
8. Broken Ring
9. M.D.P.
10. Bad Words