Lemuria - The First Collection LP - Vinyl - Asian Man

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Lemuria - The First Collection LP

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Collection of Lemuria's early recordings, contains some of their catchiest straight forward punk hits. Vinyl from Asian Man Records.


1. Hours
2. Lick Your Lips
3. Bugbear
4. Rough Draft
5. Keep Quiet
6. Bristles And Whiskers
7. Sophmore
8. In A World Of Ghosts...
9. Who Would Understand A Turtle
10. Bee Spit
11. The Origamists Too
12. It's Not A Lie, It's A Secret
13. Bookworm
14. The Origamists
15. Home For The Holidays
16. Piranha
17. Trivial Greek Mythology
18. The Origamists II