Lee Bains + The Glory Fires - Old-Time Folks 2xLP / CD - Vinyl - Don Giovanni

Don Giovanni - Vinyl

Lee Bains + The Glory Fires - Old-Time Folks 2xLP / CD

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'Old-Time Folks' the new album from Alabama rockers Lee Bains + The Glory Fires. Produced in Athens, GA by David Barbe (Drive-By Truckers, Sugar, Son Volt).

Double vinyl LP in a delux old-style stoughton gatefold tip on sleeve from Don Giovanni Records.

"Lee Bains + The Glory Fires have long been one of my favorite live rock and roll bands, blowing the walls out of venues worldwide while also growing exponentially with each release into one of the most lyrically insightful and politically inspiring bands of recent years. Old-Time Folks, helmed by longtime DBT producer David Barbe, takes them to new sonic levels, making a record that comes closer than ever before to actually capturing their live assault while holding up as an album you’ll want to play (loud) over and over."
- Patterson Hood (Drive-By Truckers)


1. Old-Time Folks (Invocation)
2. Lizard People
3. The Battle Of Atlanta
4. (In Remembrance Of The) 40-Hour Week
5. Outlaws
6. Gentlemen
7. Rednecks
8. Post-Life
9. Caligula
10. Done Playing Dead
11. Old Friends
12. God's A-Workin', Man
13. Old-Time Folks (Benediction)