Koyo - Drives Out East (Deluxe Edition) LP - Vinyl - Triple B

Triple B - Vinyl

Koyo - Drives Out East (Deluxe Edition) LP

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Reissue of Koyo's 2021 EP Drives Out East, presented here alongside a the 'Painting Words Into Lines' EP and two live sessions. Colour vinyl from Triple B Records. 


1. Moriches
2. Since You Asked
3. Diamond One
4. The World We Claim
5. Hanging From Grace
6. Song For Anthony
7. Heaven So Heavy
8. Dreaming In A Wasteland
9. Translucent
10.  Hanging From Grace (Short Beach Sessions)
11. Song For Anthony (Short Beach Sessions)
12. Heaven So Heavy (Short Beach Sessions)
13. Hanging From Grace (Live On Axe To Grind)
14. Song For Anthony (Live On Axe To Grind)
15. Heaven So Heavy (Live On Axe To Grind)
16. Do You Still Hate Me (Live On Axe To Grind)
17. Dreaming In A Wasteland (Live On Axe To Grind)