Knuckle Puck - Retrospective LP - Vinyl - Bad Timing

Bad Timing - Vinyl

Knuckle Puck - Retrospective LP

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Limited edition (1,200) reissue of compilation Retrospective from Chicago emo/pop punk band Knuckle Puck. Silver reflective sleeve pressed on ultra clear with peach & green splatter. Released through Bad Timing Records. Bonus 7" included on white.


The Weight You Buried
1. Everything Must Go
2. Your Back Porch
3. Stateside
4. No Good
5. Gold Rush
6. Fences
While I Stay Secluded
1. Transparency
2. Oak Street
3. Alexander Pl.
4. But Why Would You Care?
5. In My Room
6. Bedroom Falls
Don't Come Home
1. Townsend
2. Give Up
3. Dead Wrong
4. Stuck
5. Woodwork