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Identity Crisis: Punk Subculture and Community Zine

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A series of interviews with Northwest U.S. punks about their identities, and what being punk means to them. The interviewees run the gamut of the more scene famous (like Chris Bauermeister of Jawbreaker), to folks who were recommended by friends of the author. What makes this examination of punk culture so exciting is that Jen (the author) acknowledges long-standing patterns in the punk community, and encourages subjects to discuss these trickier issues. Nomy Lamm is asked about scene fame and its origins. Laura outlines how Punk and Queer are not specifically synonymous cultures, and Kristyn addresses class politics and the common and unrealistic rejection of corporate food jobs. This zine is thorough and certainly worth the money. It's also engaging, and really makes you think about the punk scene and your place in it.