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Hello Bastards - s/t LP

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2014 debut self titled full length from the London-based anarchy punk outfit Hello Bastards. 12" black vinyl with gatefold sleeve, distributed by Pumpkin Records.


1. We, The Plague
2. If Not You, Who? If Not Now, When?
3. The Other Wall
4. Sin Fronteras
5. Rain Of Ashes
6. Creating Consent
7. They Shall Not Pass
8. The Constant Obliteration Of Our Hopes
9. No Utopias
10. Play Fast Or Don't
11. Happy Under The Sun...
12. Environmental Holocaust
13. Dismantled Mentality
14. We Will Enjoy Its Collapse
15. A Lie Has Speed, But Truth Has Endurance
16. Stopping The Motor Of Modern World
17. Su Liberación Esta En Nuestras Acciones
18. Unspoken Genocides
19. Disarm
20. Raise Your Voice