Helen Chambers - Penny Arcade CD - CD
Helen Chambers - Penny Arcade CD
Helen Chambers - Penny Arcade CD

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Helen Chambers - Penny Arcade CD

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Helen Chambers' debut full length, Penny Arcade!

10 tracks showcasing Chambers’ take on traditional country, folk and Americana with a distinctly English sound.

With the support of Chuck Ragan (duetting on the a capella, 'Banners'), double bass player Joe Ginsberg and Dear Everyone band mates, El Morgan and Kelly Kemp. As well as fine production work and additional instrumentation from Morgan Brown (Down & Outs) and Paul Abbott (Good Grief) Helen Chambers has made an album to be truly proud of.

CD comes packaged in a 6 panel digifile.


1. Little Demons
2. Embers
3. Paper and Glue
4. Kiss the Floorboards
5. Little Black Birds
6. Caravan
7. One Day One Night
8. Banners
9. Veronica Pearl
10. Steven Patrick