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Heavenly - A Bout De Heavenly LP

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Collection of singles from jangly indie pop band on sarah Records, Heavenly - the first of which was released in 1990. Featuring members of Talulah Gosh. Black Vinyl from Damaged Goods Records.


1. I Fell In Love Last Night
2. Over And Over
3. Our Love Is Heavenly
4. Wrap My Arms Around Him
5. She Says
6. Escort Crash On Marston Street
7. So Little Deserve
8. I'm Not Scared Of You
9. Atta Girl
10. P.U.N.K. Girl
11. Hearts And Crosses
12. Dig Your Own Grave
13. So?
14. Trophy Girlfriend
15. Space Manatee
16. You Tore Me Down
17. Art School