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Hard Skin - Why Do Birds Suddenly Appear LP

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'Why Do Birds Suddenly Appear' from Hard Skin. Alternative 'female version' of their 'On the Balls' LP featuring guest vocals on every track. Vinyl from Knock Out Records.


1. Council Estate (with Marion Herbain & Roxanne Clifford)
2. The Man Who Ran The Town (with Joanna Newsom)
3. You Still Here? (with Miki Berenyi)
4. Crack On, Have A Booze (with Manda Rin)
5. Police Car (Chasing You) (with Liela Moss)
6. Another Terrace Anthem (with Mustard Gas)
7. Sausage Man (with Debbie Smith)
8. We're Gonna Do Them (with Beth Jeans Houghton)
9. The Kids Are Innocent (with Beki Bondage)
10. Two Bob Cunt (with Alela Diane)
11. That's Bollocks Mate (with Beckie Chaos)
12. The Gipsy Hill (with Alison Mosshart)