Guided By Voices - Mag Earwhig! LP - Vinyl

Matador - Vinyl

Guided By Voices - Mag Earwhig! LP

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1997 album form the indie institution Guided By Voices. Their first record to utilise a real recording studio - shock horror. Vinyl out on Matador. 


1. Can't Hear The Revolution
2. Sad If I Lost It
3. I Am A Tree
4. The Old Grunt
5. Bulldog Skin
6. Are You Faster?
7. I Am Produced
8. Knock 'Em Flyin'
9. Not Behind The Fighter Jet
10. Choking Tara
11. Hollow Cheek
12. Portable Men's Society
13. Little Lines
14. Learning To Hunt
15. The Finest Joke Is Upon Us
16. Mag Earwhig!
17. Now To War
18. Jane Of The Waking Universe
19. The Colossus Crawls West
20. Mute Superstar
21. Bomb In The Bee-Hive