Great Cynics - POSI LP / CD - Vinyl
Great Cynics - POSI LP / CD
Great Cynics - POSI LP / CD
Great Cynics - POSI LP / CD
Great Cynics - POSI LP / CD

Specialist Subject Records - Vinyl

Great Cynics - POSI LP / CD

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Fourth full length from Great Cynics! Sounding more stripped back and raw than ever, for this album the band flew out to the US to record at The Headroom in Philadelphia, PA. Produced by Joe Reinhardt (Hop Along / Algernon Cadwallader) & Ian Farmer (Modern Baseball), they've perfectly captured the lively spirit of Great Cynics.

POSI is a record about life in London, trying to keep your head up, while struggling through.

Beer coloured 12" vinyl.

This is a split release with Lame-O (in the US) and Guerilla Asso (in France), so please order from them if you're in those places.



1. Let Me Go Home
2. Only In Memories
3. Blue Roll and Duct Tape
4. Happiness, London
5. Shabba Shabba
6. Don't Buy The Sun
7. Easily Done
8. Too Much
9. Summer At Home
10. Butterfly Net
11. Things We Don't Need

Pressing Information

100 - Cherry Cola with Beer Splatter (Lame-O)
150 - Teal with Cream & Blue Splatter (Specialist Subject)
150 - Beer with Cream & Brown Splatter (Guerilla Asso)
600 - Beer