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Thrilling Living - Vinyl

Girlsperm - The Muse Ascends LP

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Second full length from this riot grrrl supergroup, featuring Tobi Vail of Bikini Kill and Layla Gibbon of Skinned Teen. Vinyl out on the fantastic Thrilling Living Records. 


1. Return To Girlsperm
2. 2027
3. On The Amaranth
4. Disembodied Man
5. Not Natural
6. Power Outage
7. Unknown Creature
8. Sugarcide
9. Teens At The Libary
10. Controlled Experiment
11. Flyer In A Frame
12. Alice B Toklas
13. Leave The Girl Alone
14. Good Job
15. What Do I Do With My Guitar
16. The Muse Ascends