Fucked Up - Couple Tracks 2xLP - Vinyl - Matador

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Fucked Up - Couple Tracks 2xLP

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Second compilation album from the Toronto hardcore lifers, collecting tracks from their many singles, EPs and splits. Double vinyl LP from Matador.


1. No Pasaran
2. Neat Parts
3. Generation
4. Ban Violins
5. Dangerous Fumes
6. Triumph Of Life
7. Fixed Race
8. Toronto FC
9. Black Hats
10. David Christmas
11. No Epiphany (Fast Version)
12. Crooked Head (Video Edit)
13. I Hate Summer
14. Teenage Problems
15. Carried Out To The Sea (Demo Version)
16. Looking Back
17. Anorak City
18. I Don’t Wanna Be Friends With You
19. Mustaa Lunta
20. Dream Come True
21. Magic Kingdom
22. Magic Word (Daytrotter Version)
23. Last Man Standing
24. He’s So Frisky
25. David Comes To Life (Daytrotter Version)