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For Your Health - In Spite Of TAPE

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2021 album from For Your Health, combining the best elements of emo and classic metalcore. Green cassette tape from Twelve Gauge Records. 


1. Birthday Candles In The Effigy
2. I Slept With Wes Eisold And All I Got Was An Out Of Court Settlement
3. Push The Fucking Rock, Sisy
4. Abscess Makes The Heart Grow
5. The Day Of Black Sun
6. Save Your Breath, You're Gonna Need It To Blow My Head Off
7. If Anybody Asks, We're Already Fucked
8. You're So United Ninety-Three, We're So Flight One Eighty
9. Like A Thirteenth Floor Elevator
10. Everyday At 13:12
11. Thank You For The Venmo
12. This City Will Crumble And Many People Will Die