Farside - The Monroe Doctrine LP

Revelation - Vinyl

Farside - The Monroe Doctrine LP

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1999 album from Orange County hardcore band Farside. Green vinyl from Revelation Records. 


1. Better Than Crying
2. I'm Not Shy, I Just Don't Like You
3. I Hope You're Unhappy
4. Seven-Day Constant
5. Statues Of Snow
6. My Man Harvey Milk
7. Moral Straightjacket
8. The Lonesome Ballad Of El Bobo The Cranky
9. Liz Hurley
10. The Fashionable Rebellion (digital download only bonus track)
11. Teach Me How To Die
12. Save It For The Children (digital download only bonus track)
13. Bled
14. This Pill Is Hard To Swallow
15. Too Much, Too Late
16. The Slowdance
17. Blue Highway