F.Y.P. - My Man Grumpy LP - Vinyl - Hey Suburbia

Hey Suburbia - Vinyl

F.Y.P. - My Man Grumpy LP

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1997 album from California pop punk heroes Five Year Plan. Featuring Todd Congelliere on guitar and vocals. Colour vinyl from Hey Suburbia Records. 


1. Shitheel
2. I Egged The President
3. Undumb
4. Rabid
5. I Dunno What's Happening To Me
6. I'm Over Now
7. I Am Not An Elephant, I'm A Buffoon
8. Pork Rinds & Yoohoo
9. Buried
10. Get Away (I Smell)
11. Motherfucker, Cheap Thumbsucker
12. I Don't Wanna Live To See Tomorrow
13. Chastity Belt Blues
14. Allergic
15. I Don't Wanna Carry Your Books
16. Powerlines
17. Superbowl Sunday
18. Slitwrists