Escuela Grind – Indoctrination LP - Vinyl - To Live A Lie

To Live A Lie - Vinyl

Escuela Grind – Indoctrination LP

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2020 album from Massachusetts power violence band Escuela Grind. Colour vinyl out on To Live a Lie Records.


1. Inspirational Significance
2. Hyper-Victim
3. Private Vice Public Benefit
4. Zalongo
5. Incel Circle Jerk
6. A Ladder of Seven Rounds
7. These Leeches
8. Indoctrinate (Interlude)
9. Your Beneficial Hate
10. Lines in Sand
11. In a Locked Room
12. Farinha
13. To Live and Die in Shittsfield
14. Million Year Picnic (M.O.S.H.)
15. These Insects Lived Like Men
16. Indoctrinated (Outro)
17. Honorkilling (Bonus Track)