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Disorder - Sliced Punx On Meathooks CD

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y2k album from Bristol's noise punk heroes Disorder. Peruvian CD reissue from HElvetet Records. 


1. Fight The Right
2. Fast Food
3. Free Society
4. Therefore We Shout
5. The Giro Song
6. Boring
7. Insane War
8. Coz Of Death
9. Tied Down
10. Pass The Gluebag (To The Right Hand Side)
11. To Be Continued
12. Intro
13. Army Of Aggressors
14. Warfear
15. Drop The Bomb And Start A War
16. Rumours And Lies
17. Brutal Attack
18. Anti Social Reject
19. Jack Hammer
20. Fight The Right (Live)
21. Fuck Your Nationality (Live)