Descendents - 9th and Walnut LP - Vinyl - Epitaph

Epitaph - Vinyl

Descendents - 9th and Walnut LP

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New recordings of some of Descendents earliest material, named after their original Long Beach practice space at '9th and Walnut' ! Vinyl from Epitaph.


1. Sailor's Choice
2. Crepe Suzette
3. You Make Me Sick
4. Lullaby
5. Nightage
6. Baby Doncha Know
7. Tired Of Being Tired
8. I'm Shaky
9. Grudge
10. Mohicans
11. Like The Way I Know
12. It’s A Hectic World
13. To Remember
14. Yore Disgusting
15. It's My Hair
16. I Need Some
17. Ride The Wild
18. Glad All Over