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Dearist - Sonder LP

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The UK has always been a breeding ground for rock bands with unique sounds and massive hooks. Enter Wolverhampton's Dearist. From this sleepy midland town comes a modern British take on the likes of American pioneers like Taking Back Sunday, Rival Schools, and Thursday. While a phrase as broad as emo doesn’t quite encapsulate the scope of the band's sound – to describe it as emotional" would be selling it short. Rather, this is truly emotive and dynamic rock music with an anxious intensity that bubbles below the surface — a sense of suburban unrest that brushes uneasily up against the sprawling of concrete and the claustrophobia of modern inner-city life. On Sonder, we witness the band exploring the simple, yet profound realization that each random passerby is living a life as vivid and complex as our own.


1. Front Matter
2. Beaches
3. Fool's Heart
4. Drowning
5. Demuto
6. Essex 1820
7. Part Of You
8. Half Light
9. Shame
10. Pentonville
11. Colours