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Danzig - The Lost Tracks Of... 2xLP

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2007 compilation featuring hard-to-find songs by legendary punk/metal pioneer Glenn Danzig. Vinyl from Death Entertainment Records. 


1. Pain Is Like An Animal
2. When Death Had No Name
3. Angel Of The 7th Dawn
4. You Should Be Dying
5. Cold Cold Rain
6. Buick McKane
7. When Death Had No Name
8. Satan's Crucifiction
9. The Mandrake's Cry
10. White Devil Rise
11. Come To Silver (Acoustic)
12. Deep
13. Warlok
14. Lick The Blood Off My Hands
15. Crawl Across Your Killing Floor
16. I Know Your Lie
17. Caught In My Eye
18. Cat People
19. Bound By Blood
20. Who Claims The Soulless
21. Melefical
22. Soul Eater
23. Dying Seraph
24. Lady Lucifera