Citric Dummies - The Kids Are Alt-Right LP - Vinyl - Erste Theke Tontraeger

Erste Theke Tontraeger - Vinyl

Citric Dummies - The Kids Are Alt-Right LP

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2018 album from the Minneapolis weirdo punks, following their devolutionary instinct. 12" black vinyl from Erste Theke Tontrager.


1. I Don't Like Anyone (Not You)
2. I Am Going To Suck Your Dick
3. I H8 Minneapolis
4. The Kids Are Alt-Right
5. Are You Going To Flush That?
6. College Is For Losers
7. I Made Love To The Internet
8. I Wanna Be Your Baby
9. Kill Everyone (Who Dies)
10. Suddenly I Forgot You
11. Johnny On The Plop
12. I Hate Birds
13. I'm Gonna Win The Bowl
14. Kill Me (Please Kill Me)