Chris Farren - Like A Gift From God Or Whatever LP - Vinyl - Asian Man

Asian Man - Vinyl

Chris Farren - Like A Gift From God Or Whatever LP

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Chris Farren's Christmas album from 2014! Featuring a whole bunch of mates like Laura Stevenson, Jeff Rosenstock and Evan Weiss. Neon green vinyl out on Asian Man.


1. Belize Navidad (Ft. Anika Pyle)
2. Christmas Guitar (Ft. Roger Harvey)
3. I'm Not Ready For Christmas (Ft. Mae Whitman)
4. Chris Farren's Disney's Frozen (Ft. Sean Bonnette & Anika Pyle)
5. Waiting For You In The Snow (Ft. Laura Stevenson)
6. Like A Gift From God Or Whatever (Ft. Jenny Owen Youngs)
7. Merry Christmas Again (Ft. Jeff Rosenstock & Koji)
8. The Undertaker
9. Emo Revival Christmas 2014 (Ft. Matt Agrella)
10. Happier New Year (Ft. Lee Corey Oswald)
11. Shelby's Christmas Eve
12. I Wish It Was Christmas Every Day (Ft. Allison Weiss, Sean Bonnette & Jeff Rosenstock)