Charmpit - Cause A Stir LP - Vinyl
Charmpit - Cause A Stir LP
Charmpit - Cause A Stir LP

Specialist Subject Records - Vinyl

Charmpit - Cause A Stir LP

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Debut album from London x California Pop(star) Punk four piece, Charmpit! Through playful harmonies, sparkling guitar and to-the-point lyrics, they place a high value on friendship, the power of femme, and FUNctional social justice politics. Out on yellow vinyl.


1. Do It Together (First Timers)
2. Bridges Go Burn
3. Jimnastics
4. Princess Video
5. Sophomore Year
6. Kissing You
7. Wild Wild Westfield
8. Muffy Plays Poker
9. Dyed And Gone To Hairven
10. Here For The View (Santa Cruz)
11. Baby Needs A Breeze