Cereal Killer - The Beginning and End of Cereal Killer LP - Vinyl

Drunken Sailor - Vinyl

Cereal Killer - The Beginning And End Of Cereal Killer LP

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2019 LP from the Geelong punk freaks. Highly recommended for fans of Lumpy and the Dumpers etc. Black vinyl out on Drunken Sailor/Anti Fade.


1. This Is Cereal Mum
2. Like All Amusements
3. Your Punk Scene Can Suck It
4. CK Society
5. Untitled
6. Being Cool
7. Zane's Gone Away
8. Bow Bow Now
9. Track 1
10. Electric Sheep
11. Big Black Hole
12. Should Punks Be Allies
13. Big Mix Is A Big Bitch