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Braid - Movie Music Vol. 1 LP

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First of two Compilation LP's from Braid featuring all of their 7" and split 7" material and one previously unreleased song. 180-gram vinyl from Polyvinyl.


1. Sounds Like Violence
2. Motion Light
3. Perfect Pitch
4. I'm Afraid Of Everything
5. Radish White Icicle
6. Now I'm Exhausted
7. Fire Makes The House Grow
8. Niagara
9. That Car Came Out Of Nowhere
10. (Strawberry Ann) Switzerland
11. What A Wonderful Puddle
12. First Day Back (demo version)
13. Hugs From Boys (1998)
14. Forever Got Shorter
15. Please Drive Faster
16. Circus Of The Stars
17. You're Lucky To Be Alive