Bomb The Music Industry! - Scrambles LP - Vinyl - Asian Man

Asian Man - Vinyl

Bomb The Music Industry! - Scrambles LP

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Classic 2009 LP from DIY punk legend Jeff Rosenstock under his former BTMI! guise. Mixing pop punk with ska in a way that always feels fun and never trite, featuring collaborations with Laura Stevenson and Kepi Ghoulie among others. Vinyl out on Asian Man.


1. Cold Chillin' Cold Chillin'
2. Stuff That I Like
3. It Shits!!!
4. Fresh Attitude, Young Body
5. Wednesday Night Drinkball
6. 25!!!
7. $2,400,000
8. Gang Of Four Meets The Stooges (But Boring)
9. 9/11 Fever!!!
10. (Shut) Up the Punx!!!
11. Can I Pay My Rent In Fun?
12. Saddr Weirdr
13. Sort Of Like Being Pumped