Billy No Mates - Sourdough LP - Vinyl - Unless You Try

Unless You Try - Vinyl

Billy No Mates - Sourdough LP

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2021 album from Duncan Redmonds' Billy No Mates! This time backed up by US mates Joey Cape (Lagwagon), Tyson Annicharico (Dead to Me) & Sergie Loobkoff (Samiam). Yellow vinyl from 10 Past 12 / Unless You Try Records.

1. If these streets could talk
2. Big cliché
3. Slaptop
4. Look at you
5. Skulls and smiles
6. What's that Fluffy?
7. One wave short of shipwreck
8. S.F. sourdough
9. It's going to be no
10. Angry song
11. Silver love down Mission St.
12. Your name in lights