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Beauty Pill - Blue Period 2xLP

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Anthology 2002 - 2004 release Blue Period from Washinton, DC Indie-rock band Beauty Pill. Released on black vinyl through Ernest Jennings Record Co.


1. Goodnight For Real
2. Lifeguard In Wintertime
3. The Mule On The Plane
4. Prison Song
5. The Western Prayer
6. Wont You Be Mine
7. Such Large Portions
8. Nancy Medley Girl Genius Age 15
9. Quote Devout Unquote
10. Drive Down The Cost
11. Im Just Gonna Close My Eyes For A Second
12. Terrible Things
13. Leron And Lele
14. Copyists
15. You Are Right To Be Afraid
16. Quote Devout Unquote Alternate
17. You Yes You
18. Goodnight For Real DEMO
19. This Is The Hidden
20. I Dont Live Today
21. Drive Down The Cost DEMO
22. Fugue State Companion
23. My Gen