Bad Brains - s/t LP - Vinyl - ORG
Bad Brains - s/t LP - Vinyl - ORG

ORG - Vinyl

Bad Brains - s/t LP

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Self titled album from the legendary Washington punk band 'Bad Brains'. Hardcore pioneers throwing in a dash of reggae for good measure. Reissue vinyl out on Org Music.


1. Sailin' On
2. Don't Need It
3. Attitude
4. The Regulator
5. Banned In D.C.
6. Jah Calling
7. Supertouch/Shitfit
8. Leaving Babylon
9. F.V.K. (Fearless Vampire Killers)
10. I
11. Big Take Over
12. Pay To Cum
13. Right Brigade
14. I Luv I Jah
15. Intro