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Autism FAQ: Zine

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Everything That You Want to Know But Didn't Know to Ask

How much do you really know about autism? After being diagnosed as autistic and writing a book about it, Joe started to be inundated with questions. Fellow autists, friends, dates, and family of autistic people, and the blatantly neurophobic all wanted to know .... well, a ton of different things. Compiled here are Joe's answers to 60 of the best, worst, and most frequently asked questions. Is it okay to tell people that I am autistic? How can I support my adult sibling who doesn't believe they are autistic? Do autistic people experience empathy? What is stimming? Why do autistic people usually not follow fashion norms? What is the best thing that being autistic has taught you? If you're autistic, or know someone who is, or are curious and want to separate fact from fiction, you'll find a wealth of information and perspective packed into this zine.