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Atom & His Package - s/t LP

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Self titled album from Adam Goren's AAHP project. Vinyl from Asbestos Records.


1. Avenger
2. He Kissed Me (Dancy Pants Version)
3. Snowshoe BBQ
4. Scary Sloop
5. Mark Scott
6. Collateral Damage (Brutal Truth cover)
7. Minds Playin' Tricks on Me (Geto Boys cover)
8. Well Fed Fucking Sequencer (Born Again$t cover)
9. Chris and his Connor (Whom I Already Love)
10. Books My Dog, The Box, Brian Sokel, & Me
11. Head (She's Just A)
12. After School Special Stands for ASS
13. She's in the Bathroom & She's Shaking Me Until Tomorrow (Andrew Dick & AC/DC cover medley)
14. Tim Allen is Not Very Funny
15. Jeb Bell
16. Where Eagles Dare
17. He Kissed Me (Nice & EZ)
18. Martha is Flanged Like a Hippo
19. Atom and His Package Theme Song
20. Twelve Years Old Forever