As Friends Rust - Greatest Hits? LP - Vinyl - Shield

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As Friends Rust - Greatest Hits? LP

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Compilation album, collecting some of the best tracks released by the influential Gainesville hardcore band between 1996 and 2002. 12" yellow and red vinyl out on Shield Recordings.


1. Encante
2. When People Result In Name Calling
3. Ruffian
4. Home Is Where The Heart Aches
5. Half Friend Town
6. Like Strings
7. Coffee Black
8. The First Song On The Tape You Made Her
9. Perfect Stranglers
10. We On Some Next Level Shit
11. Laughing Out Loud
12. Won't Be The First Time
13. Born With A Silver Spoon Up Your Ass
14. More Than Just Music, It's A Hairstyle