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Antidote - Thou Shalt Not Kill LP

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New compilation album of early material from New York Hardcore band Antidote. Compiling their classic 'Thou Shalt Not Kill' 7" alongside some lost compilation tracks and a live set from CBGB. Vinyl from Radio Raheem Records. 


1. Life As One
2. Nazi Youth
3. Real Deal
4. Foreign Job-Lot
5. Zero Mentality
6. Got Me On The Line
7. Die At War
8. Something Must Be Done
9. Die At War
10. Leave It Behind
11. Him
12. Them Or Us
13. Deadly Rain
14. Job Well Done
15. Life As One
16. Nazi Youth
17. Die At War
18. Foreign Job-Lot
19. Something Must Be Done
20. Deadly Rain
21. Got Me On The Line
22. You Say You Didn't But You Did
23. Life As One
24. Nazi Youth
25. Herpes R Forever
26. Unaffected
27. Live For Nothing
28. Real Deal
29. Zero Mentality