Anti-Flag - A Document of Dissent 2xLP - Vinyl - Fat Wreck

Fat Wreck - Vinyl

Anti-Flag - A Document of Dissent 2xLP

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'Best Of' compilation, spanning the first 20 years of political pop punk band Anti-Flag. Gatefold double LP from Fat Wreck Chords. 


1. Die For The Government
2. Fuck Police Brutality
3. Tearing Everyone Down
4. A New Kind Of Army
5. That's Youth
6. Angry, Yound And Poor
7. This Machine Kills Fascists
8. Underground Network
9. Spaz's House Destruction Party
10. 911 For Peace
11. Turncoat
12. Rank N File
13. Power To The Peaceful
14. Death Of A Nation
15. You Can Kill The Protester, But You Can't Kill The Protest
16. The Press Corpse
17. Hymn For The Dead
18. 1 Trillion Dollar$
19. This Is The End
20. Cities Burn
21. Good And Ready
22. The Bright Lights Of America
23. Sodom, Gomorrah, Washington D.C. (Sheep In Shepherd's Clothing)
24. The Economy Is Suffering... Let It Die
25. This Is The New Sound
26. Broken Bones