Women In Sound Zine - #8 & back issues - Zine
Women In Sound Zine - #8 & back issues
Women In Sound Zine - #8 & back issues
Women In Sound Zine - #8 & back issues
Women In Sound Zine - #8 & back issues
Women In Sound Zine - #8 & back issues
Women In Sound Zine - #8 & back issues
Women In Sound Zine - #8 & back issues

Antiquated Future - Zine

Women In Sound Zine - #8 & back issues

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Imported from Antiquated Future, a brilliant American zine distro based in Portland, Oregon.

This zine is phenomenal! Women in Sound is always packed with interesting discussions from across the musical map. US half-letter size, cardstock cover colours may be different to pictured.


- Nicole Mitchell
- Sadie Dupuis + Shamir: Recording New Albums
- Carol Kaye
- Gloria Kaba
- Annlie Huang
- Victoria Shen
- Getting Your Music Mastered: A Beginner’s Guide
- From the Editor
55 pages


- Katie Lau (live sound engineer + musician - Painted Zeros)
- Danielle DePalma (Production Manager, Bowery Ballroom)
- Aisha Loe (pedal + soundbox builder, Loe Sounds)
- Jes Skolnik (Senior Editor, Bandcamp Daily)
- On Optimism, the Music Industry and Avoiding Megalithic Thinking (René Kladzyk)
- Creating Inclusive Environments for Transgender and Non-Binary Vocalists (Ellie Karavas)
- Chasing Waterfalls, Make Up of a Mixer, part 2 (Jade Payne)
- From the Editor
48 pages


Conversations with: synthesizer pioneer Suzanne Ciani, legendary punk label founder Lisa Fancher (Frontier Records), Amy Dragon (Telegraph Mastering), Marta Salogni (recording & mixing engineer for Bjork and Frank Ocean), Pamela Dwyer (live sound engineer, CKUT), Natalie Hernandez (Death By Audio Effects Pedals), Amanda Davis (live sound engineer for Janelle Monae and Tegan + Sara). 52 pages.


Interviews with Mirah Zeitlyn (as in, indie-pop goddess Mirah), Laetitia Tamko (of Vagabon), and legendary Prince recording engineer Susan Rogers. And more interviews with Dana Wachs (of Vorhees), Rachel Alina, Felix Walworth (of Told Slant), TRNSGNDR/VHS, and Leslie Gaston-Bird. Plus a how-to piece on being a monitor engineer, and a editor Madeleine Campbell writes about taking a chance and hitting the road on tour. 54 pages.


Included within: Gina Favano (of Come Holy Spirit), rapper/producer Sammus, producer/DJ Yaeji, sound engineer Holly Hansen, live sound engineer Carolyn Slothour, post-production engineer Leslie Mona-Mathus, and Portland's own Alissa DeRubeis and Felisha Ledesma (of S1 Synth Library & Women's Beat League). Plus a glossary for Eurotrack modular synths and a short history of the getting the new Accessible Recording studio in Pittsburgh off the ground. 48 pages