Twisted - Utopia LP - Vinyl
Twisted - Utopia LP
Twisted - Utopia LP
Twisted - Utopia LP

Specialist Subject Records - Vinyl

Twisted - Utopia LP

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Garage punk from South Wales. Twisted's debut/only full length, Utopia. Black vinyl.

Self recorded in Porthcawl in the summer of 2014. Twisted sings about the existential crisis in its bones. It is terrified of the tremendous force of love. It knows about being young and lost, the push and pull of pleasant towns. Twisted is angry at street harassment and the stigmatisation of mental health.

Taking influence from many eras of punk's history, Twisted carefully mold these influences to give Utopia a true depth and intensity.

This is a split release with Art For Blind in Ireland.



1. Aureliano
2. Phantom Penpal
3. Selfish Instinct
4. Esoteric Emptiness
5. Aliento
6. Holy Moments
7. Wholes and Halves
8. The Gulf
9. Rubbernecker Zentrum
10. Felt, Enacted
11. Toxic Convener
12. Night Fauna
13. Memory
14. Elixir

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150 transparent purple
350 black