Fresh - s/t CD - CD
Fresh - s/t LP / CD / Tape
Fresh - s/t LP / CD / Tape

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Fresh - s/t LP / CD / Tape

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Debut album from exciting London punks, Fresh! 

11 tracks of sometimes noisy, sometimes acoustic, but always raging pop punk which rarely pass the two minute mark. Written when singer Kathryn was still a teenager, the album's filled with genuine teen angst, expect songs about trying to pass exams, dealing with depression, confusion about your sexuality and identity, and attending bible camp as an angry young atheist.

If you like Joyce Manor, Shit Present, Modern Baseball, you'll love Fresh! Out on colour vinyl, CD or cassette tape.



1. Short Hair, Don't Care
2. Get Bent
3. Bible Camp
4. I'll Be Back
5. Fuck My Life
6. Passing
7. Wish You Were Here
8. Six Months
9. Goodbye Suckers
10. Lead Ashtray
11. No Big Deal

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