Husker Du - The Living End LP

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Husker Du - The Living End LP

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1987 live recording from college rock pioneers Husker Du! Some of the best to ever do it. Captured here at the very heigh of their powers. Double red vinyl reissue from Music On Vinyl Records. 


1. New Day Rising
2. Girl Who Lives On Heaven Hill
3. Standing In The Rain
4. Back From Somewhere
5. Ice Cold Ice
6. Everytime
7. Friend, You've Got To Fall
8. She Floated Away
9. From The Gut
10. Target
11. It's Not Funny Anymore
12. Hardly Getting Over It
13. Terms Of Psychic Warfare
14. Powerline
15. Books About UFO's
16. Divide And Conquer
17. Keep Hanging On
18. Celebrated Summer
19. Now That You Know Me
20. Ain't No Water In The Well
21. What's Going On
22. Data Control
23. In A Free Land
24. Sheena Is A Punk Rocker