Flinch - Enough Is Enough LP

Struggletown - Vinyl

Flinch - Enough Is Enough LP

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2021 album from Glasgow acoustic artist Flinch. Vinyl from Struggletown Records. 


1. Staring At The Broken Cornicing On Your Ceiling.
2. Escape From Rupture Farms.
3. February.
4. If It Worked Out For Michael Scott It'll Probably Work Out For Me.
5. I'm Sorry I Puked On You In That Rented Car.
6. How Do You Do It?
7. Looks Like You've Also Got A Type.
8. Thanks Ophelia.
9. Just Because She Likes The Same Bizzaro Crap You Do, That Doesn't Make Her Your Soulmate Tom.
10. Your Skin Is Your Largest Organ.
11. I Said You Could Have This But I've Taken It Back.