RVIVR - S/T LP / Tape - Vinyl

Yo Yo - Vinyl

RVIVR - S/T LP / Tape

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Amazing full length from ex Latterman / Shorebirds members. Recorded by the Magnificent Phil Douglas of Huntington Station, Long Island, New York in two weeks (which were too short) in February 2010 at Punkall in Olympia, WA. Twelve damn good tracks of the Pop Punk genre. Yo Yo Records pressing on black vinyl.


  1. Rain Down
  2. Edge of Living
  3. Breathe Out
  4. Real Mean
  5. Cut the Cord
  6. Grandma
  7. Life and Death
  8. Animal Hands
  9. Cold in Your Bones
  10. Pause
  11. Change on Me
  12. Breathe In