Onsind - We Wilt, We Bloom LP / CD - Vinyl
Onsind - We Wilt, We Bloom LP / CD
Onsind - We Wilt, We Bloom LP / CD

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Onsind - We Wilt, We Bloom LP / CD

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2017 album from Onsind, available on purple vinyl. Since the release of 'Anaesthesiology' in 2013, Daniel Ellis and Nathan Stephens-Griffin have been impressing the indie-pop world with their band Martha, releasing awesome albums, and a bunch of 7"s. 'We Wilt, We Bloom' is a welcome return to their decade long band Onsind. Recorded early 2017 by Phil Booth at Nottingham's DIY hub, JT Soar, the new album sees the addition of bass, drums and extra vocals expanding upon their usual acoustic sound.

Politically this album encapsulates the despair of living in modern day Britain as a young, leftwing, progressive. Onsind can't offer any answers but here's an album which might leave you feeling a little less alone.

US pressing from Salinas Records, if you're in North America please order from them.



1. Magnolia
2. Immature
3. Grieving Kind
4. Heat Up The Blade
5. Truth Emerges From The Well
6. Loyalty Festers
7. Claimant
8. Huey Alabaster
9. Sectioned

Pressing Information

500 - Green / Pink / Orange
500 - Purple